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Rivalists™ connects health pros and everyday athletes, blending human expertise with AI-driven insights. Crafted by athletes, it's your all-in-one app to connect, train, and optimize your health - anytime, anywhere.

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Rivalists™ provides everyday athletes and health pros the best way to connect, train, and advance their overall health from anywhere in the world. Public *beta* testing now open, click below:

empower the athlete



Recognition for Innovation:


Form health teams and track progress, stay consistent, collaborate more efficiently and motivate one another.

Community of everyday athletes & health pros

Join other like-minded athletes and professionals from anywhere in the world.

Share advice, stats, or provide accountability.
Become more efficient maximizing your health.


Rivalists breaks down data from devices that sync with Apple Health. More integrations to come.

train smarter

Track recovery, know when your optimal time to train.

health teams

Form a team to support your health goals.

AI Coach

Chat with our Health AI & receive personalized analysis & guidance.

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want mobile access to pros

Active people or Everyday Athletes, desire easier access to health professionals. With the overwhelming majority preferring to connect through a mobile app. (source:


greater odds to stay on track

The odds of maintaining regular exercise were 10 times greater for those in a group-based programs or working with teammates than those who exercised alone.


there's zero cost to join

For everyday athletes and health pros alike, we've made it free to start using the app and experiencing the future of healthcare and fitness. You pay enough as it is and our goal is to reduce healthcare costs!


of online athletes intend to invest more

Online exercisers or 'athletes,' in a recent study, stated they intend to maintain or invest more in virtual fitness and care, even if pandemic concerns continue to decrease.